College Students Miss Deadline for Sex and Relationship Training

Only 83% of the required students at USC have successfully completed their Think About It online training as of Sept. 16, 2015.

USC's newest students might not know it yet, but many of them missed the deadline for the required "Think About It" online training session on relationships, dating and sexual assault.

USC Assistant Registrar Laura Estrada said that students who missed the training will have a Title IX hold placed on their accounts effective Oct. 2, and they will not be able to register for spring Semester until they complete the program. The online training is required of all freshman, transfer and new graduate students, Estrada said, and the deadline to complete it was Sept. 15.

"Out of 4,871 students who were invited to do the ["Think About It"] training online, 4,079 have completed it," Estrada said. "Last year we had a total of 321 students who had the hold active when their registration appointment hit."

Once the training is completed, the hold will automatically be lifted and the student will be able to access registration as they normally would. Spring registration opens on Oct. 26.