As women "lean in" to their careers and other endeavors, some are waiting until later in life to marry and start families. But they can't wait forever, at least not if they plan on having children naturally, because Mother Nature has rules of her own when it comes to fertility.

I asked women over social media, "What's the age when you either started worrying, or think you'll have to start worrying, about being able to conceive, naturally?"

In other words: What is your "Scary Age?"

The results are displayed here in an interactive pie chart.

Hover over the images below to hear what age women throughout North America consider their "Scary Age."

Stephanie Haney
Los Angeles, CA

Lawyer, Writer and On-camera Personality

Haney is the author and producer of this project and will graduate with a Master's of Science in Journalism from University of Southern California in May. She has no children at this time.

Rachael Currier
Stow, OH

Speech Language Pathologist

Currier and her husband have been trying to get pregnant again naturally to no avail. They turned to IVF in February and she and her husband are now expecting their second child this fall.

Wendy Litner
Toronto, Canada

Writer, Creator of "How To Buy a Baby" and

Litner is currently seeking funding to complete production on her web series, "How To Buy A Baby," and exploring her options for motherhood. She has no children at this time.

Mimi Lee
San Francisco, CA

Anesthesiologist and Concert Pianist

Lee is currently regrouping from losing her legal battle over frozen embryos she created with her ex-husband. She has no children at this time.