The Law of Attraction with Stephanie Haney is a multimedia series created, produced, written, shot and edited by Stephanie Haney. The series focuses on news related to laws that affect love, sex, fertility, dating and relationships.

[VIDEO] Interview with Fertility Law Expert Richard Vaughn

Stephanie Haney sits down with fertility law expert Richard Vaughn to discuss the current state of fertility law in the U.S. and specifically, issues involving disposition of frozen embryos.

[INTERACTIVE] The Science and Ethics of Advanced Maternal Age

The uterus basically doesn't age, allowing women to carry a baby to term long after their eggs are likely to produce a pregnancy. But should they?

PLUS use your finger or your mouse to tap or click and drag to explore the infertility treatment process from 360 degrees. (This works on all devices!)

Where Do Snowflakes Babies Come From?

The last thing couples going through infertility treatment worry about is whether they'll have extra embryos left over. When they do, sometimes those extra embryos become Snowflake Babies.

[VIDEO] Watch An Embryo Transfer!

Reproductive Endocrinology Infertility Specialist Dr. Sam Najmabadi discusses the infertility treatment process and what he thinks will win the Nobel Prize.

In between all that, he performs an embryo transfer on-camera (starting at 3:21).

[VIDEO] A Woman Has Twins at 50 Through Embryo Adoption PLUS Watch an Embryo Transfer

Read the amazing story (previously published in part by Stephanie Haney for LA Weekly)of a California couple who, after trying to have children naturally for over half a decade, became parents after receiving a gift of six frozen embryos. PLUS watch an actual embryo transfer from start to finish (starts at 3:21 in the video)!

[INTERACTIVE] What's Your Scary Age?

I asked women over social media, "What's the age when you either started worrying, or think you'll have to start worrying, about being able to conceive, naturally?"

In other words: What is your "Scary Age?"

[VIDEO] Twins at 50? A web series on buying babies? Defining your "Scary Age?"

Follow this series of articles by Stephanie Haney for Law of Attraction TV to find out just what can happen when you venture into the new frontier in fertility that is frozen embryos.

Will USC Sexual Assault Discipline Case Become Benchmark for Due Process?

A California court just weighed in on the debate over sexual assault case processing on college campuses, and it isn't looking good for some universities.

[AUDIO] California Updates Birth Certificates to Recognize Modern Families

A new law takes effect January 1 that gets rid of a discriminatory requirement on birth certificates in California.

[VIDEO] Charlie Sheen's Openness About HIV May Open Him Up to Legal Trouble

Actor Charlie Sheen announced Tuesday that he has been diagnosed HIV positive since 2011, and there is disagreement about whether his former lovers were made aware of Sheen's status before engaging in sexual activity with the actor.

[VIDEO] Halloween Costume Recap: Political, Legal and Criminal-Inspired Costumes

Recapping Halloween costumes inspired by political, legal and criminal headlines from the past year.

[VIDEO] Price-fixing Lawsuit says Equal Pay Not Appropriate for Egg Donation

Has one bad egg ruined the whole bunch? Guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine may have the whole egg donation industry in legal trouble.

[VIDEO] Yes Doesn't Always Mean Yes When it Comes to Sex on College Campuses

How many drinks is too many? Get ready for a lesson on alcohol intake and consent to sex.

[VIDEO] Posting Legalese on Facebook Won't Protect You

If you think you're protecting your photos, check-ins and likes on Facebook by posting a status update, you're wrong.

[VIDEO] College Students Miss Deadline for Sex and Relationship Training (Pilot)

Only 83% of the required students at USC have successfully completed their Think About It online training as of Sept. 16, 2015.

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