Charlie Sheen's Openness About HIV May Open Him Up to Legal Trouble

Actor Charlie Sheen announced Tuesday that he has been diagnosed HIV positive since 2011, and there is disagreement about whether his former lovers were made aware of Sheen's status before engaging in sexual activity with the actor.

Actor Charlie Sheen has been open about his struggles with drug and sex addiction, and more recently his HIV diagnosis, which he announced Tuesday on The Today Show. It's possible that his open nature on this issue might open up Sheen to some legal troubles, both criminal and civil.

The California Health and Safety Code makes it a felony to intentionally attempt to infect someone else with HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease.

While none of Sheen's former lovers have come forward with a claim that hey have been infected with HIV by Sheen, the LAPD Public Information Office said actual infection is not required in order to be found guilty under the code. All that is required is the intent to infect, that the accused is diagnosed with the disease in question, that the positive diagnosis was concealed, and that the parties involved engaged in unprotected sex.

The Los Angeles County Prosecutor's Office confirmed Wednesday that as of now, no criminal charges have been filed against Sheen.

Sheen may also face civil liability for fraud if it is found that he concealed his HIV positive status from former lovers.

Ex-girfriend Bree Olson may even have a claim for interference with financial gain, given her status as an adult film star, if she can show that being associated with Sheen's HIV positive status affects her earning potential.

Olson came forward on Tuesday on the Howard Stern Show claiming that Sheen lied to her and told her he was clean when in fact he had been diagnosed with HIV during their relationship, during which they had sexual intercourse.

If Olson is lying, it's possible Sheen could bring a defamation claim, but that would be difficult for him to win, given his status as a public figure.

As reported by The International Business Times, Gloria Allred is said to be in contact with several women who are former lovers of Sheen inquiring about their legal options in response to Sheen allegedly hiding his HIV status from them.